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Roller Crimpers

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Crimper Roller Benefits
Roller Crimper No-till and organic farmers deal with cover crop management as part of there no-till, organic farming operations will appreciate the  Roller Crimper developed and patented by The Rodale Institute.
Briefly, the  Roller Crimper was developed to overcome the shortcomings of knocking down an existing cover crop and then planting on no-till farms. Finding the right equipment for cover crop management has been the biggest barrier to no-till farming. Now, with a no-till planter attached to the back of the tractor and the Roller Crimper mounted to the front, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass!
The rolling and crimping action of the blades will transform a field of vetch, rye or other cover crop into a thick, weed suppressing mulch.
Farmers of organic farms and sustainable agriculture who already work with cover crops will quickly realize the time saving value of a front mounted Roller Crimper. Optional 3 point quick attachment for loader tractors available. Many conventional farmers recognize no till farming benefits and make the move to organic farming with this step saving tool. Or they can use the Roller Crimper as part of their conventional farming program to reduce the amount of herbicide sprays, average saving of $35-$50 per acre.

:Cover crop management without herbicides or tillage

:Reduced herbicide use in conventional no till farming systems can save $35-$50 per acre

:Mulching effects and barrier attributes of cover crop are maximized

:Rolling and compressing improves the weed suppression of the cover crop

:Reduction of water evaporation from the soil

Available standard roller widths are 8-ft. (3-row), 10-1/2-ft. and 12-1/2 (4-row) and 15-1/2-ft. (6-row) Rollers can be built up to 60' feet. 

Optional three-point quick attachment adapter for loader tractors.


Roller Crimper Benefits

Saves Time:

With the Cover Crop Roller mounted on the front of a tractor, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass.

Improves Soil:

No-till cover crops supply nutrients, build organic matter, prevent soil erosion and reduce herbicide expense $35-$50 per acre.

Handles Tough Crops:

Cover-Crop Roller tests at 90% minimum crop knockdown and handles tough crops like hairy vetch and rye.

Mounting Options:

The Roller Crimper can be mounted behind tractor on 3 point, on a front end loader with custom built adapter or on a front mount 3 point. Quick Attach plates are available.

Made In The USA

Roller Crimpers manufactured in United States.

General Notes:

The roller ground driven blades are arranged in chevron pattern to prevent bouncing.

Blades are welded and replacement blades can be bolted on as needed Blades on the drum are spaced 8″ apart Cylinder is 16″ diameter.